Rule of Thumb on Table Seating

January 20, 2017 / Table Manners


How many people should be seated at a table? The general rule of thumb is as follows, with the smaller number being a comfortable seating arrangement and the higher number a tighter fit.

48″ Round:   4-6 people

120″ Round: 8-10 people

132″ Round: 10-12 people

Things to keep in mind when creating seating arrangements: number of tables the room can fit, groups that want to sit together, and cost factors such as table and linen rentals and centerpieces. Remember, if you are at the outer limits of guests at a table, as listed above, do not try to squeeze one or two more people in. They may not mind being close to their fellow guests but as the evening progresses it will become more uncomfortable for everyone. Be kind and give everyone enough room to socialize and enjoy themselves.


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