Category: Fabric Care and Facts

Sparklers and Tablecloths

August 2, 2018 / Fabric Care and Facts

Sparklers may be beautiful and provide a special “wow” factor at your event as seen on Pinterest boards. However, in reality they are flame throwing hot searing sticks of metal. That description alone should cause you to stop and thinkRead More

Outdoor Events and Tablecloths

August 1, 2018 / Fabric Care and Facts

An event in a tent is a fabulous and magical venue but there are some rules when it comes to tablecloths under the Big Top! As much as you want to put those tablecloths on the tables the night beforeRead More

Dry Wet Linens To Avoid Mildew

May 15, 2017 / Fabric Care and Facts

  Spring has arrived and soon enough the hot weather will be upon us. Please be mindful of damp linens and mildew. At the conclusion of your event, if the linens are wet – spread them out to dry. Do not packRead More

Linen Faux Pas

March 27, 2017 / Fabric Care and Facts

You know I always think a tablecloth makes every table look better. However, there is one exception. It is better to have no linen at all than to display a wrinkled tablecloth. There is a reason that irons were invented.Read More